Sport Science

Uczelnia: Wyższa Szkoła Społeczno-Przyrodnicza

Wydział: Wydział Nauk Społecznych

Dziedzina nauki: nauki medyczne i nauki o zdrowiu

Tryb studiów: stacjonarne

Stopień studiów: I stopnia

Język studiów: angielski

Sport Science is a field of study examining the functioning of a healthy human body under the influence of exercise, training, and many other stimuli, and the ways of promoting health by means of physical activity.

Degree: bachelor of science

About a course

Students undergo their practical training at schools. They acquire the skills in influencing pupils’ physical and mental development, and gain invaluable teaching experience. Students are also required to participate in sports camps.


The graduates of Sports Science BSc have sufficient qualifications for teaching physical education in primary schools, and working in educational institutions, social organizations, local government organizations, sports clubs, recreation and fitness centres. After completing additional courses the graduates can also work as sports instructors, referees or professional trainers.

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