Interior Design

Uczelnia: Wyższa Szkoła Przedsiębiorczości i Administracji

Wydział: Faculty of Economic and Technical Sciences

Dziedzina nauki: nauki inżynieryjno-techniczne, sztuka

Tryb studiów: stacjonarne

Stopień studiów: I stopnia

Język studiów: angielski

As a graduate of the Interior Design you will be prepared for working in a creative field of the interior design. You will acquire knowledge of theory and practice of interior design, history and theory of fine arts, architecture and construction, humanities and computer design; get to know the rules and regulations concerning construction and copyright law as well as professional ethics. You will find out about the rules of economics, organisation of investment and project processes in Poland and other EU countries. You will also obtain general and specific knowledge about the organization of work in the profession of interior designer and develop your creativity, organisation and solving problems skills along with the ability to carry out your own undertakings.  

Interior Design is an undergraduate practical program. Education is adjusted to the current needs of the local and regional labour market with the emphasis on current needs of social institutions and entrepreneurs. The curriculum is full of projects, workshops, labs and auditorium classes. The studies last u semesters (3,5 years) and the graduates obtain the title of Engineer.

Career prospects:

The studies will give you an opportunity to start a professional career in design companies, institutions and commercial outlets connected with the field of interior design.

It is worth studying Interior Design at our College!

 Advantages of the programme:

  • Engineer degree in 3,5 years.
  • Engineer studies involve both theoretical and practical aspects of education.
  • Professional teaching staff!
  • The curriculum prepares you for a creative work in the field of the interior design. You will gain theoretical and practical knowledge of the interior design, you will learn about the history and theory of the fine arts, construction, humanities and computer design.
  • Possibility for taking part in the Erasmus program.
  • Possibility for participating actively in the student research group.
  • Educational trips.
  • Possibilities of internships in design offices and Ikea.
  • If you have an idea for your own art event – the College is at your disposal.

Tuition fees: From 1350 € per semester!

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