International Relations (tuition-free studies)

Uczelnia: Uniwersytet Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej

Wydział: Wydział Politologii i Dziennikarstwa

Dziedzina nauki: nauki społeczne

Tryb studiów: stacjonarne

Stopień studiów: I stopnia

Język studiów: angielski

The BA Program offers multidimensional study of contemporary global system.  It is designed for students interested in various aspects of international and transnational relations including politics, society, security, environment and culture. Curriculum includes courses on global, regional and national level of international relations. Course work in the BA Program includes core curriculum as well as elective courses which are chosen by students according to their individual interests and preferences. Program also includes such as important possibilities professional workshops, foreign languages courses, diploma seminars  where students have possibility to acquire analytical and practical competencies and skills important in their future professional work (incl. public speaking, academic writing, professional presentations, debating and discussions) The BA Program includes 3 specializations:  1) Global Economy and Business, 2) Regional Studies – Central – East Europe, 3), Regional Studies – Asia and Pacific which allow students to specialize in a chosen area and  prepare for careers in specific sectors of international relations. Main professional areas students are prepared for include: international organizations both multilateral and bilateral, trans-border structures and cooperation, global and transnational business and economic organizations, public policy bodies active in foreign policy and diplomacy, non-governmental organizations and global civil society networks, global and transnational media.

CORE COURSES – taken by all students in the program ELECTIVE COURCES – chosen by students acording to their individual  preferences and interests

SPECIALIZATIONS  – concentrations of cources focusing on one area of study within the field of International relations,  students choose one  out of 3 specializations the Program offers * 

  • Global Economy
  • Regional Studies Asia and Pacific
  • Regional Studies – Central-East Europe

BA SEMINAR  – choosen by students from the number of seminars and advisors, during 3 semester seminars students research and write BA diploma thesis under supervision of an advisor.,118,international-relations-tuition-free-studies-,76034.chtm

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