Power and measurement

Uczelnia: Politechnika Lubelska

Wydział: Wydział Elektrotechniki i Informatyki

Dziedzina nauki: nauki inżynieryjno-techniczne

Tryb studiów: stacjonarne

Stopień studiów: II stopnia

Język studiów: angielski

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of the Lublin University of Technology invites you to study at the new second degree specialisation – Power and Measurement.
Who can study?
Graduates of Electrical Engineering who wish to study in English and plan their future career in IT firms, especially in software development departments. This specialisation lasts for 3 semesters, 30 ECTS each, and complies with the European standards.
What will you learn?
The Power and Measurement students have the opportunity to acquire not only theoretical but also practical abilities in the field of design, production, security and protection of electrical as well as electronic devices, automatics, power transmission, computer measurement systems as well as production and conversion of electrical energy, and – last not least – renewable energy sources. Graduates can apply for national entitlements of the Society of Polish Electricians in the range of maintenance, repair, service and assembly of electrical devices as well as control and measuring apparatus to 1kV.
A Power and Measurement graduate’s profile
This specialisation educates highly-qualified specialists, familiar with current standards and technologies used in electrical engineering, who:
• possess the broad knowledge and skills necessary to be electrical engineering specialists;
• are able to make electrical measurements;
• are familiar with energy production systems;
• have an expertise in the power transmission systems.
What can you do after graduation?
Thanks to their comprehensive education, the graduates can conduct design, research and development work not only in small companies but also in large industrial establishments, design offices, or laboratories. Studies at an electrical engineering course create an opportunity for fascinating studies, drawing on a reliable source of engineering knowledge and abilities, and obtaining a well-paid job either in Poland or abroad. The modern curriculum is continuously adjusted to the requirements of the knowledge-based economy. The new specialty Power and Measurement is a response to the demand of electrical and power engineering industry experts. Enrolling on an international course of studies in Poland is a unique chance to share cultural, social and educational experiences of students from all over the world.

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