Social creativity

College: Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin

Department: Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology

Area: nauki humanistyczne

Type: Full-time studies

Degree: Bachelor programs

Language: Polish

This innovative course in “social creativity” is targeted at people who, based on interdisciplinary humane and social knowledge (covering selected areas of philosophy, psychology and sociology), want to gain and develop skills and competencies that are highly valued in modern democratic societies and on the modern labor market – such as creativity in thinking and acting, out-of-the-box thinking, innovation, competition, criticism, entrepreneurship, and effectiveness.

The graduates will be prepared to develop their competencies and continue their education on selected second-cycle studies in detailed liberal arts and social courses (such as political science, culture studies, events and cultural management, social psychology, public life sociology, etc.).

With practical, creative skills, the graduates will be able to find employment as creators, organizers, institutions’ spokespeople and PR people, managers, leaders and consultants in social and political movements, professional bloggers, advisors and consultants in the so-called creative industries, or employees in other related public and cultural institutions – as well as in other professions (especially having completed also selected second-cycle studies) where creative and innovative approaches and activities matter.

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