Academic Lublin Program

Have any ideas how to influence the academic development of Lublin but can’t afford to realize them? Take part in the next edition of the Academic Lublin Program and show us how crucial the implementation of your ideas is!

All entities realizing the initiatives for the development of Lublin academic society – incl.: universities, faculties, instituties, students’ scientific associations and NGOs can participate in the Program.

The applications for support in the Program will be accepted annually from 1 to 31 October of the year preceding the implementation of the initiatives. It covers initiatives whose implementation is planned from 1 February to 10 December of the following year.

You can get financial support amount of 2 000, 5 000, 10 000 or 15 000 zloty gross !

We can help you in organizing:

  • international, national, regional and local conferences;
  • academic competitions;
  • student and doctoral research and scientific projects;
  • scientific festivals, workshops and tournaments;
  • city walks (in English and Polish language) for students and scientists that have arrived to Lublin from other places;
  • events integrating students with the local community;
  • other events that fit into the objectives of the Program.

The application forms can be delivered:

  • personally to the Strategy and Entrepreneurship Department registrar’s office of Lublin Municipal Office, pl. Litewski 1, 20–080 Lublin, in a closed envelope with a note: „Lublin Akademicki”;
  • by post to the address: Urząd Miasta Lublin, Wydział Strategii i Przedsiębiorczości, pl. Litewski 1, 20-080 Lublin, with a note: „Lublin Akademicki”;
  • via e-mail ( only on condition of having safe electronic signature;
  • via ePUAP only on condition of having safe electronic signature or by safe ePUAP profile.

Additional information can be found in Regulations of the Academic Lublin Program

Academic Lublin Program is arranged by Lublin Municipal Office The aim of the Program is to present Lublin as an academic and scientific city. Another aim is the promotion of the achievements of outstanding students and doctoral students and the encouragement in the implementation of academic initiatives.

Contact person:

Katarzyna Bujan
Strategy and Entrepreneurship Department
Lublin Municipal Office
Phone: +48 81 466 25 15