Internships, traineeships, graduate theses

Student internships are one of the elements of the didactic process, so they are an obligatory form of classes for all students.

Internships provide real-world experience to those looking to explore or gain the relevant knowledge and skills required to enter into a particular career field. Internships are relatively short-term in nature with the primary focus on getting some on the job training and taking what’s learned in the classroom and applying it to the real world.

The City cares for its students and appreciates their contribution to the development of science. Therefore, each year the City Office organises competitions and awards scientific, artistic and sport scholarships to the most talented students.

The Mayor’s competition for the best thesis dedicated to economic issues enjoys high popularity. Master’s, engineer’s, bachelor’s and doctor’s theses relating to broad-based economic development of Lublin can be entered for the competition, defended no earlier than 2012. It is a unique opportunity for the winners, as in addition to the valuable and prestigious prize of PLN 6,000, the winning thesis may reach a large audience and have a real influence on the development of Lublin and the activities of the City Office. It is also worth noting that when doing research for the thesis, the authors can count on support from the Lublin City Office.

Contact person:

Barbara Kostecka – Wiącek

Phone: +48 81 466 25 10


Another initiative which the City Office targets at Lublin’s academic community is the Municipal Scholarship Scheme for students. Under the scheme, exceptionally gifted undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students living in the Municipality of Lublin are provided with financial support in the form of scholarships. Students seeking the award of such a scholarship carry on scientific or artistic activities that may contribute to the development of Lublin and the region or have a significant contribution to the development of science. All the scholarship holders have outstanding educational results.

Those who are interested in completing an internship at the Lublin City Hall should write an application with a request for admission to an internship at the Lublin City Hall, addressed to the Director of the Office’s Organization Department – Mrs. Małgorzata Mach-Dudek.

The application should include:

  • name of the school / university (major),
  • optionally preferred Department / Office (list at: tab Organizational structure),
  • proposed date and duration of internships (number of hours / days),
  • internship plan (days and hours when the internship will be held),
  • you should attach your CV to the application,
  • it is obligatory to submit a confirmation of receipt of the information clause and consent to the processing of personal data
  • an agreement on the organization of internships between the school / university and the Lublin City Hall should be attached to the application.

 Additional information can be obtained from

Organization Department of the Office

ul. Dolna 3 Maja 5 room no.201 (2nd floor)

or by calling +48 81 466 1288.


More information for the unemployed and jobseekers here:

More information here:

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 Information and support for foreigners available in one place.

Information Desk for Foreigners is tasked to provide information to foreigners living in Lublin free of charge and on daily basis. We provide information on the services rendered by the Lublin City Office as well as supply rudimentary information as to contact details, tasks and procedures implemented by other entities (i.e. public administration institutions or other entities acting to the benefit of foreigners). We also conduct information briefings for foreigners at Schools of Higher Education, at the premises of institutions or organizations working for foreigners, if such institutions or organizations request us to do so.

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