College: University College of Enterprise and Administration in Lublin

Department: Wydział Nauk Technicznych

Area: Engineering and technology

Type: Full-time studies

Degree: Master’s Programs

Language: Polish

College type: private

If you like spatial structures, drawing, logical thinking, and have a degree of creativity, this is the program for you. Students learn about architecture and urban planning, fine arts, civil engineering, and construction technologies. They also acquire practical skills in these areas. The courses of the program cover the building code and the organization of construction and design processes.

Wyższa Szkoła Przędsiębiorczości i Administracji w Lublinie
ul. Bursaki 12,
20-150 Lublin

Biuro Rekrutacji WSPA Lublin tel.: +48 (81) 452 94 73, kom.: 601 361 767

Studia anglojęzyczne (pokój 024) tel.: +48 (81) 452 94 71

Centrum Studiów Podyplomowych i Szkoleń
(pokój 105)
tel.: +48 (81) 452 94 74