Legalisation of stay in Poland

Before your arrival

Citizens of the European Union, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland (referred to as EU or EFTA nationals below) and family members who are not EU nationals can stay in Poland for up to 3 months without any additional procedures. During that time, EU citizens are required to carry a valid travel document or a document confirming their identity and citizenship. Their family members who are not EU or EFTA citizens are required to carry a valid travel document.

Citizens of countries that are not EU or EFTA members are required to obtain a Polish visa at the Polish Consulate in their country.

When entering Poland, you should :

  1. state the goal and the circumstances of your planned stay and present documents confirming this information;
  2. carry and present, at the request of the Border Guard, documents confirming health insurance for the duration of your stay in Poland;
  3. (if entering on a visa) have sufficient funds to support yourself during your stay and return to your country of origin or present documents confirming your ability to legally obtain such funds.


What kind of visa do I need?

How can I obtain a visa?

Required documents:

Contact details for residence permit applications:

Lublin Voivodeship Office
Citizens’ Affairs and Foreigners Department
ul.Czechowska 15
20-914 Lublin
Phone: +48 81 74-24-549
Enquiries are handled in Polish.

However, the Office provides information in foreign languages:
– English:
Phone: +48 81-74-24-559

After your arrival