Multimedia engineering

College: Lublin University of Technology

Department: Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Area: Engineering and technology

Type: Full-time studies

Degree: Bachelor programs

Language: Polish

Multimedia engineering is a modern, interdisciplinary field of study combining knowledge in engineering and technical sciences, and social sciences. This direction is aimed at young people with passion and the opportunity to acquire the skills to use modern electronics used in artistic and utility projects and multimedia techniques operating in marketing. Here you will learn how to create software, process graphic files, and multimedia forms, and learn about computer graphics and the principles of creating animations. You will gain knowledge and engineering skills to design and use electrical, lighting, and audiovisual devices and installations. You will learn how to create multimedia applications and presentations and make various audiovisual recordings using the equipment and tools available in TV and radio studios. Moreover, you will acquire basic knowledge of the science of social communication and media.

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