Mobile Systems and Information Networks

College: Lublin University of Technology

Department: Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Area: Engineering and technology

Type: Full-time studies

Degree: Master’s Programs

Language: English

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of the Lublin University of Technology invites you to study at the new second degree specialisation – Mobile Systems and Information Networks.
Who can study?
Graduates of Computer science, who wish to study in English and plan their future career in IT Companies on the European market. This specialisation lasts for 3 semesters, 30 ECTS each, and complies with the European standards.
What will you learn?
Our Mobile Systems and Information Networks students have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with:
• In the area of Mobile Systems:
o The specificity of hardware for mobile platforms.
o The basic operating system architecture and the specificity of operating systems for mobile platforms. Support for on-board hardware resources.
o Security of mobile systems.
o Overview of contemporary systems, development trends and mobile systems market.
o Practical Android and Windows application programming.
• In the area of computer networks:
o The practical possibilities of the configuration of network devices,
o The dynamic routing protocols, advanced methods of switching LANs,
o Troubleshooting in computer networks.
The profile of a Mobile Systems and Information Networks graduate:
• The student acquires knowledge about contemporary operating systems for mobile platforms, technology and market trends. Knows how to create simple mobile applications with the use of specific tools and APIs,
• The student gains knowledge and skills in the design and administration of computer networks.

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