Applied anthropology

College: The John Paul II Catholic University in Lublin

Department: Faculty of Philosophy

Area: nauki humanistyczne

Type: Full-time studies

Degree: Bachelor programs

Language: English

Studying applied anthropology:
• you acquire wide-ranging knowledge about human beings (in socio-cultural, linguistic, historical, biological, and esp. philosophical dimensions)
• you learn how to bring about a “good live” for the neediest
• you choose a specialization: intercultural management or intercultural brokering
• you can participate in research and practical projects as well as in a variety of social roles
• you are prepared to work in intercultural areas of business, health, and education, and for work in humanitarian organizations

Applied anthropology graduates:
• obtain knowledge from a wide-ranging spectrum of scientific disciplines regarding humans (global biological anthropology, linguistics, archeology, and mainly social and cultural anthropology, and, also, philosophical anthropology)
• get a degree that equips them with a variety of transferable skills that are highly attractive to employers
• can progress to MA programs (e.g.. in Philosophy, Cognitive Studies or Social Sciences)

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