Why Lublin

450 reasons why…

… it is worth studying in Lublin

Among several reasons why students choose Lublin as their academic center, the comfort of life and high educational standards deem to be the most significant ones. Lublin’s universities are continually updating their infrastructure, educational offer, research facilities, and they strongly support students’ scientific and non-scientific activity. In Lublin, there are nearly 60 000 students in total, including over 8 thousand international students from over 100 countries around the world and 500 Erasmus+ students. Why did they choose Lublin? Why should you choose it? Because…­

  • wherever you are, everything is nearby you
  • here you can eat delicious “cebularz lubelski” (onion tart)
  • time has stopped in those narrow streets
  • Lublin is one of four cities (Gdynia, Sopot, and Tychy) in Poland where trolleybuses are operating, with the largest trolleybus network
  • “Lublin is a city of inspiration,” and you can feel this spirit of inspiration in the air
  • Lublin is the city of youth
  • a specific feature of Lublin is a mixture of young, energetic students and calm and smiling monks and nuns that intertwined together in peaceful coexistence
  • a multilingual and multicultural city
  • accommodated for people
  • here students know how to study and how to have fun
  • modern buildings complement the historical panorama of the city
  • safe and clean city
  • you can choose your dream field study from more than 200 propositions at nine universities
  • in May, Lublin belongs to students. It’s a month full of concerts of Polish music stars, and many attractive accompanying events
  • here you will discover your sports passion in the best teams of the student league
  • in the latest’ Polish Cities of the Future 2019/20′ ranking organized by fDi Intelligence, a specialist division from The FT Ltd., Lublin ranked second among large cities in Poland in terms of cost-effectiveness,
  • you will find hundreds of pubs, restaurants, and café-clubs, and which one is the best – you decide for yourself!
  • you will meet students from all over the world
  • you can rent one of 1000 city bikes at over 100 stations all over the city
  • during your studies and after you will get the right job in Lublin
  • the world praises the high quality of life in Lublin!
  • is a city of passionate people
  • a very fifth resident of Lublin is a student
  • is a city full of parks, squares, and bicycle paths
  • Lublin is full of alleys, nooks, and gates
  • here you can easily find an apartment close to the university
  • here you will feel like at home
  • here you will find food corners where you can eat deliciously and cheaply!
  • here you will find support when you want to start your first business
  • there are cultural institutions, science parks, business incubators, and other places in Lublin that allow you to develop your passions
  • the best international students in Poland study in Lublin (they fight each year for the Interstudent title and… they win)
  • Lublin has the title of the Voivodship City of High Reputation based on the Premium Brand Ranking 2019
  • here you can participate in creating an intelligent strategy for Lublin 2030
  • Lublin Airport is well connected with other cities in Europe
  • here you can become a volunteer in an NGO or a student organization and meet not only exciting people but also discover the world (AIESEC, AEGEE)
  • gospodarczy Lublin is growing very fast

.. so what? The rest of the reasons will you add by yourself?

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