Higher Education Institutions In Lublin

Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin is the largest higher education institution in Eastern Poland. It has 11 faculties in Lublin plus the UMCS branch campus in Puławy. The university offers over 80 programs taught in Polish or English and more than 250 specializations available to choose from.


Most university facilities, including Rectory, Main Library, and Center of Physical Culture, are gathered in Lublin’s center. UMCS disposes of 2600 housing options in 9 on-campus residence halls. Comfortable accommodation in university residence halls suits a variety of budgets and needs of students.

University of chances

Every year UMCS educates over 21 000 students, including 1600 foreigners. They have numerous opportunities to improve their foreign language proficiency, develop artistically, and participate in sports activities. The university also offers them a variety of certified training courses available free of charge and the possibility to participate in international internships to over 180 partner universities from all over the world.

All students can join numerous organizations and science clubs. Multimedia Center of Art and Culture lets them develop an artistic passion. The Academic Sports Association of Maria Curie-Skłodowska University (AZS UMCS Lublin) is open to everybody who wants to improve his athletic skills.

Graduate’s career

Maria Curie-Skłodowska University takes care of its students’ future. Study programs are designed to meet the labor market demands and make opportunities to establish cooperation with prospective employees. Moreover, the university offers professional educational counseling and career guidance to every student who needs practical tips. In 2016 UMCS has been chosen by employers as a top higher education institution in Lublin voivodeship.

Pl. M. Curie-Skłodowskiej 5
20-031 Lublin

Phone: +48 (81) 537 51 00

Pl. Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej 5
20-031 Lublin

Phone: +48 (81) 537 58 80
E-mail: rekrutacja@umcs.pl rekrutacja.ua@umcs.pl rekrutacja.ru@umcs.pl

Phone: +48 (81) 537 29 26
E-mail: studyinenglish@umcs.pl

The John Paul II Catholic University in Lublin is the oldest higher education institution in the city. Since the year of foundation in 1918, the university has been well-known and appreciated worldwide. KUL offers its students a full range of courses — from humanities to science and a fantastic studying atmosphere.


There are two campuses of Catholic University in Lublin and another one in Stalowa Wola. The main campus is situated in the city center, where the student life prospers all day and night. Campus ‘Poczekajka’ with faculty buildings, residence halls, and academic sports center is located 4 km apart from the main campus. Still, it is well-connected to the city center by numerous bus lines.

Multifaceted development

KUL is a resilient research center in many fields — theology, philosophy and humanities, law, and science. The best lecturers passionately share their knowledge with students and watch over them, keeping in mind the university’s superior values.

KUL offers bachelor’s, master and Ph.D. studies as well as postgraduate studies. There are more and more courses in English and international agreements with foreign partner universities. Students can take the TELC exam or certification exams in other languages (Italian, Spanish, French, or Chinese) in the university examination center.

One of the advantages of KUL is eventful academic life. Students can develop their hobbies by joining one of almost fifty science, artistic, or sports clubs.

University for everyone

The university is based on catholic values but still open to everyone regardless of his nationality or religious identity. There are hundreds of KUL’s international students who enjoy the freedom of convictions and great atmosphere, and a high level of education.

KUL takes care of students with disabilities. KUL CAN was created to help them in everyday activities at the university — they organize transport, unique books and devices, and financial support. The buildings are fully equipped with the necessary facilities. Moreover, there are scholarships dedicated to not well-off students.

Students of KUL often point out individual approaches and exceptional relations with lecturers as the university’s main advantages. They can rely on their colleagues and share their ideas in student clubs.

al. Racławickie 14
20-950 Lublin
Phone +48 (81) 445 41 01

Collegium Norwidianum p. CN-004 (parter)
Al. Racławickie 14
20-950 Lublin

Phone: +48 (81) 445 41 37, +48 (81) 445 42 16
E-mail: rekrutacja@kul.pl, study@kul.pl

Lublin University of Technology has over 65 years of tradition and experience in university-level technical education. Having established its market position, the university educates students on 6 faculties, 16 programs, and over 55 specializations.

Campus and staff

The campus of LUT is centralized – all faculty buildings, residence halls, dining halls, health centers, and sports facilities are situated close to each other. There are convenient bus lines that connect the campus to other districts of Lublin. It takes just ten minutes walking to the city center.

ublin University of Technology cares about the high level of education. That is why labs and classrooms are equipped with modern and cutting-edge technical devices. Also, the academic staff is highly-qualified and supportive of every single student.

University for students

LUT does its best to create graduate profiles matching available careers. Practical programs of studies make students sure of their professional future and numerous opportunities for university training and career advice.

Young people from all over the world are welcome to LUT. They can study in English and take Polish language courses. The university takes care of students with disabilities and not well-off students by offering them extensive financial support.

Student’s life

The campus of LUT is full of pubs and restaurants, so the student’s life is on day and night. Young people can join student organizations and clubs, numerous sports teams, or academic student societies.

The university encourages its students to participate in international student exchange and internship programs. Moreover, it offers international English language certificate exams.

ul. Nadbystrzycka 38 D
20 – 618 Lublin

Phone: +48 (81) 538 41 40
E-mail:   politechnika@pollub.pl

Studies in English:
Office of International Education
Str Nadbystrzycka 42a, room 9,
20-501 Lublin, Poland
E-mail: lut.international@pollub.pl
Phone: +48 (81) 538 4703,4357
Fax. +48 (81) 538 4772

The Medical University of Lublin has a long history of conducting medical studies in Poland and almost 28 years of experience teaching international students. Over 1500 students have graduated from the English Division, developed a Dentistry Program, and several Medicine Programs designed for students worldwide during the following years.

University’s mission

Combining tradition and modernity, Medical University of Lublin is developing competent staff of medical professions based on research and didactic resources. Concerned about the quality and competitiveness of education, MUL participates in the ongoing changes of the education market. The university raises public awareness in the field of medical and health sciences and informs about the need of continuous development and  the use of scientific achievements of everyday life.

International licenses

Over 2000 students from two dozen different countries and over 1500 graduates can approve the MUL’s high level of education.

Professional training programs run by the Medical University of Lublin are based on EU standards. UN approves courses, Medical Board of New York and California, National Accreditation Committee, the University Commission on the Quality of Medical Education and other countries – Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Graduates of MUL can take medical licensing examinations in other EU countries and the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and more. There is also USMLE and NBME practice exam center at the university.

University of possibilities

MUL has long been a participant in the Erasmus+ programs accessible for all students. Moreover, dozens of academic associations show that young people can learn more about a field of studies or develop their hobbies – academic choir, student clubs, and sports teams.

tudy at MUL is much more affordable than in other cities. All students can apply to get a place in the university’s residence halls.

al. Racławickie 1
20-059 Lublin

Phone: +48 (81) 448 50 00
E-mail: kancelaria@umlub.pl

Collegium Novum, p. 11 i 12 
al. Racławickie 1
20-059 Lublin

Phone: +48 (81) 448 50 73, +48 (81) 448 50 70
E-mail: rekrutacja@umlub.pl

The University of Life Science in Lublin has educated in fields of agriculture, biotechnology, and science. Its students particularly appreciate an individual approach presented by high-qualified teaching staff and practical programs of studying.


he campus of the University of Life Science in Lublin is situated close to the academic city, where are numerous restaurants, pubs, and intellectual culture buildings. All didactic facilities are fully equipped with modern devices. Residence halls provide accommodation in fully furnished bedrooms with shared bathrooms and a shared TV room, study room, gym, and canteen.

Investing in the future, the university has a program of continuous investment and improvement on campus. Key projects include the Investment-Implementation of New Technologies in Agricultural Engineering Centre and a new building for the University Library.

Practical programs

With a strong emphasis on practical application, well-equipped laboratories, and modern teaching methods, the University of Life Science in Lublin guarantees the highest education level. Practical training and internships in Poland and abroad are a mandatory part of the study process.

Students also have almost unlimited access to many scientific sources. The Central Library’s collection includes approximately 380 000 books, scientific periodicals, and unique items. Through PCs connected to the university servers, the library, being a participant in numerous consortia of scientific libraries, gives access to complete texts within dozens of thousands of periodicals.

Student’s life

The university supports its students’ ambitions by encouraging them to pursue their interests and foster personal strengths. There are numerous student associations and academic clubs.

The University of Life Science in Lublin offers excellent sports facilities – the Sport and Recreational Centre houses a full-size sports hall, a swimming pool and aqua park, a modern gym, a dance, fitness and combat sports halls, and a climbing wall. Physical Education classes as well as University Sports Association training sessions take place there. Moreover, the university has the Didactic and Sailing Station located by Piaseczno lake close to Lublin – it disposes of cabin and Omega yachts, row-sailing boat, motorboats, and kayaks.

ul. Akademicka 13
20-950 Lublin

Phone: +48 (81) 445 66 22, +48 (81) 533 37 52
E-mail: sekretariat.uczelni@up.lublin.pl

ul. Akademicka 15, s.3 i 4
20-950 Lublin

Phone: +48 (81) 445 66 91, +48 (81) 445 68 85
E-mail: rekrutacja@up.lublin.pl admission@up.lublin.pl

University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin (WSEI) was established in 2000. For almost 20 years, the university has carried out its responsibilities with great pride!

The mission

The mission of WSEI is to prepare highly qualified professionals who will be able to reinforce the human resources potential and enhance the capacity of local government institutions in terms of public finance management, strategic planning, or absorption and management of EU funds. Graduates of the university will match European standards.
 In the region’s economic development, those mentioned areas of activities are the critical challenges that the public and private sectors will face in the next few years.

A diligently selected didactic staff maintains the high educational process on WSEI with proper academic degrees and necessary academic experience. A great part of the staff also has significant practical experience derived from their non-academic activity as business practitioners who are eager to share their experience gained in reputable companies and institutions.

Carrier support

WSEI offers scholarship programs, internships, or international projects.

A good organization of studies and a practical education profile make it easier for students of WSEI to combine their studies, work, and personal life. As a result, working people most often prefer to study at WSEI and non-working students do not hesitate to undertake a job while studying.

Within the framework of ERASMUS+, WSEI encourages its students to gain experience abroad as well as invites students and staff for study and training visits. More on the application

rocedures http://www.wsei.lublin.pl/wspolpraca-zagraniczna/erasmus-for-foreign-students/general-information 

WSEI takes a chance to study on everybody. There are many opportunities, from the social scholarship, through the Rector’s scholarship for the best students, a special relief, a special scholarship for people with disabilities, and a minister’s scholarship for outstanding achievements.

Student’s life

WSEI has actively working scientific circles and self-government, organizing various events, concerts and social events.

The university disposes of places in a residential building with a modern design located in the center of Lublin at Unicka 3 street. The location of the student house makes it a fantastic base for exploring Lublin. You are a few-minute walk away from the campus to the Old Town, the Lublin Castle, as well as shopping malls, restaurants, clubs, bars and banks.

ul. Projektowa 4
20-209 Lublin

Phone: +48 (81) 749 17 70
E-mail: bos@wsei.lublin.pl

ul. Projektowa 4
20-209 Lublin

Phone: +48 (81) 749 32 52
E-mail: studyenglish@eiu.edu.pl

Vincent Pol University (VPU) has been created for people who want to achieve their professional goals and develop their passions. The knowledge, skills and experience gained during studying at the university enable its students to enhance their life skills and employability.

About university

The university was founded in 2000, and since then, it has been gaining worldwide popularity. Today it educates around 3000 current students, including over 40% international students, offering also on degree courses that are taught in Polish and English.

International students of VPU come from over 32 different countries. Many of them enjoy the opportunity to travel to other parts of Europe during their holidays. The university has a dedicated International Student Office that can help with applications, visas, and accommodation.

Education at VPU

Vincent Pol University is a private university approved by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education to award Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees recognized not only across the European Union but also globally.

VPU offers 9 courses lectured in English and ELPC – English courses for non-native speakers. Students of Tourism and Hospitality Management or Sports Science at Vincent Pol University who complete their 1st and 2nd year of studies can complete their final year at the University of Bedfordshire or The University of Northampton and gain both Polish and British degree diploma.

The campus

Vincent Pol University is provided with modern buildings with special teaching rooms fully adapted to students’ needs in different classes such as physiotherapy, kinesiotherapy, cosmetology, biomechanics, massage, chemistry, tourism, hotel industry, gastronomy, geography, and IT. For maximum comfort and security, the rooms are equipped with air-conditioning and CCTV.

All the students have access to extensive libraries (with about 22 000 volumes), innovative laboratories, and free Wi-Fi connection, as well as various leisure facilities, including recreation rooms, such as gyms, fitness suites, a swimming pool, and studios for aerobics classes and other sports activities.

VPU is situated close to the city center, with easy access for students by public transport or by car. Lublin has many affordable restaurants, bars, and leisure facilities, and our students enjoy evenings out in the historic city center.

ul. Choiny 2,
20-816 Lublin

Phone: +48 (81) 740 72 40
E-mail: info@wssp.edu.pl

ul. Choiny 2, Room 26
20-816 Lublin

Phone: +48 (81) 448 08 20
E-mail: rekrutacja@wssp.edu.pl

The University College of Enterprise and Administration in Lublin (WSPA) was established in 1998 as the region’s first private higher education institution. It educates nearly 1700 students every year.

University’s mission

The mission of the University College of Enterprise and Administration in Lublin is to teach students to be creative, develop their careers, and help them find their place in a globalizing world. WSPA develops students’ international and intercultural competencies by creating an international environment at the university and through students and faculty’s international mobility. The University College cooperates closely with numerous European and non-European universities and colleges, associations, companies and labor market institutions.

Many opportunities

The University College of Enterprise and Administration operates based on the permission granted by the Minister of National Education and pursuant to the Higher Education Act. The diplomas signed by the university are recognized in other countries in Europe and across the world. WSPA has experience in projects financed by EU Structural Funds and Lifelong Learning Programs — Erasmus, Erasmus+, Leonardo da Vinci, and many more.
Practical education is WSPA’s strong priority (internships, placements, business and public administration partners, practitioners, faculty members). Teaching methods include study in small groups, tutorials, hands-on approach, individual and group projects, community projects. The University College offers a wide variety of opportunities for students: international short and long term mobility, Career Office, internships, work projects and placements in local and regional business partners, biannual job fairs, a business incubator for students. The school also maintains close ties with the local and regional business community.

A campus

The University College’s facilities are situated on the outskirts of Lublin, in the calm district. It disposes of a big parking area for students and lecturers and an academic library with a reach book collection. There are a few small shops as well as a shopping center close to the university’s building. It is possible to get to the campus from any part of Lublin by some convenient bus lines.

ul. Bursaki 12
20-150 Lublin

Phone: +48 (81) 452 94 10
E-mail: rektorat@wspa.pl

ul. Bursaki 12,
20-150 Lublin

Phone: +48 (81) 452 94 71
E-mail: admissions@wspa.pl

Higher School of Social Science is one of the private higher education institutions in Lublin. It educates students in the area of social and medical science.


Facilities of the Higher School of Social Science are situated in the center of Lublin. The campus is connected to other districts of the city by convenient bus and trolleybus lines. All classes take place in one, modern building. There is a private parking area for students and lecturers.

The university’s classrooms are fully-equipped with modern devices and furniture dedicated to various courses — psychology, cosmetology, medical rescue, nursery, or dance.

Quality of teaching

A high level of education is one of the essential elements of the university’s mission. Students can rely on the high-qualified, supportive teaching staff. Small groups guarantee the personal approach of lecturers and magnificent conditions to acquire knowledge and new skills.

Courses offered by the Higher School of Social Science in Lublin are based on practical classes and led by a tutor. It is possible to choose e-learning classes what makes working and studying simultaneously easier. The university offers support to its alumni in finding practices or full-time jobs.

ul. Zamojska 47
20-102 Lublin

Phone: +48 (81) 531 85 56
E-mail: info@wsns.lublin.pl

ul. Zamojska 47, p. 200
20-102 Lublin

Phone: +48 (81) 531 85 56
E-mail: info@wsns.lublin.pl

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