Lublin’s Old Town is one of the best preserved in Poland and its old period buildings contribute to the unique atmosphere of the city, located as it is at the intersection of cultures and religions.

The most important monuments are situated in the city center – Castle of Lublin with Holy Trinity Chapel, Cracow Gate, Basilica of St. Stanislaus and the Dominican monastery, and more.

Regardless of seasons and needs, Lublin has all kinds of attractions for those who like to stay active. In summer, there is water to go to and beaches at the Zemborzycki Reservoir. You can also go kayaking on the Bystrzyca River, while those into more risky sports can try their hand at water skiing on the reservoir. In winter, there are the right places to go ice-skating or skiing on hills with lifts.

Lublin’s cuisine merges Jewish, Ukrainian and Polish tastes. The Place of Inspiration Program was create to maintain regional dishes and give them new life. Restaurants and pubs covered by the program are supposed to present local design and offer typical food. Check them out to taste Lublin!

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