Университет: Университет Предпринимательства и Администрации в Люблине

Департамент : Факультет технологий

Область науки: Инженерно-технические науки

Формат обучения: Дневная форма обучения

Степень: Магистратура

Язык: Английский

The new two-year Master Program in Management is addressed to people who want to obtain a master’s degree and comprehensive education which meets the needs of the market. There are two possible specializations in the program: e-business and modern forms of marketing or investments on the financial market.

A graduate of the master’s program obtains a master’s degree and acquires specialist knowledge in the field of management including law, accountancy and the ability of using various IT tools supporting work of managers in marketing. The necessary skills obtained during the course will allow to diagnose problems and deal with them in a creative way, organise work efficiently, manage task teams, do individual research and assess accurately the phenomena occurring in the modern world.

Due to the combination of general management knowledge and thorough specialist expertise in a chosen specialisation the studies have an interdisciplinary character.

The curriculum is full of workshops, practical classes and projects that will prepare a candidate to work in the management field. Innovative teaching methods and practical preparation to work enables implementation of the individual career path for every student.

As a graduate of MA program in Management you can work as:

  • senior or middle-level manager;
  • team leader; 
  • management specialist;
  • entrepreneur.

You are prepared to work:

  • in the e-business environment,
  • in the financial sector,
  • in your own company,
  • in the management or the board of the enterprise,
  • in the Polish and international organisations,
  • in business advisory and training institutions,
  • at the universities and scientific institutions.

Advantages of the program:

  • Professional teaching staff with both academic and practical experience.
  • Innovative teaching methods enabling self-development during the studies.
  • Free of charge career counsellor consultations.
  • Practical education.
  • Implementation of your own business initiatives and research.
  • Possibility of representing the University during conferences;.
  • Possibility of organizing scientific conferences as a member of student research group.
  • Scholarship possibilities already in the first year of studies.

Университет Предпринимательства и Администрации в Люблине
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