English Philology with Applied Linguistics

Університет: Університет Суспільно-Природничих Наук ім. Вінцента Поля в Любліні

Департамент : Факультет Соціальних Наук

Область науки : nauki humanistyczne

Формат навчання: Денна форма навчання

Ступінь: Бакалавратура

Мова: Англійська

English philology is a discipline devoted to the history and culture of English-speaking countries. Intensive development of language skills is combined with engaging studies in the fields of literature, linguistics, history, and media.
The program includes practical training, making it possible for students to experience and practice their language skills in various English-speaking environments. Based on individual interests, they can apply for positions in educational institutions (both public and private schools), international companies, or offices.
During the studies, our graduates gain many skills that make it possible for them to pursue successful careers in various areas. Some of them become teachers of English and work at schools or conduct private courses. The ones interested in journalism become copywriters, editors, and even journalists. Others may end up in the world of international business or become scholars.

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