Graphic Arts

Університет: Університет Марії Кюрі-Склодовської в Любліні

Департамент : Факультет Мистецтв

Область науки : sztuka

Формат навчання: Денна форма навчання

Ступінь: Магістратура

Мова: Англійська

Graphics is a discipline within fine arts focused on illustration and the preparation of visual presentation methods.

Computer graphics specialists:
• creative artists focused on the design and new ideas;
• DTP operators responsible for digital typesetting and design in accordance with industry standards.

Within the industry, there are full-service agencies and small computer graphics studios. The former is responsible for advertising campaigns in the press and on radio and television; they develop marketing strategies, perform market research, engage in media purchases, and employ numerous staff in customer service. The latter, smaller agencies, invite commissions for small-scale projects: packaging design, catalogs, leaflets, book covers. Regardless of their size, companies in the industry employ designers, graphic artists, computer graphics specialists, and DTP operators.

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