Education and therapy

Університет: Університет Марії Кюрі-Склодовської в Любліні

Департамент : Гуманітарний Факультет

Область науки : nauki humanistyczne

Формат навчання: Денна форма навчання

Ступінь: Магістратура

Мова: Англійська

The program is designed for both Polish and foreign students. It provides the skills needed to successfully help people with disabilities reach their potential. It enables to gain appropriate competences allowing cooperating effectively with people with disabilities, their families, social workers, educators, psychologists, physiotherapists and other specialists in order to include people with special needs in social life in the areas of: rehabilitation, education and vocational development, employment and leisure time.

The program also allows to acquire the necessary practical skills to conduct therapeutic and rehabilitation activities with children, adolescents and adults with intellectual disabilities, reduced mobility, vision or/and hearing impairments, chronic diseases and mental disorders.

The program has unique content. The syllabus combines a study of general issues in psychology and special education with detailed studies of inclusion, early intervention and rehabilitation.

• Special Education Needs Support
• Rehabilitation of people with disabilities
• Occupational therapy

Innovative learning methods applied in the course such as supervision, tutoring, mentoring, video training, simulation games are to help to strengthen the potential of the graduate and his practical skills to adapt to the professional challenges in the labour market.

The program’s completion enables further participation in Doctoral studies (Ph. D.) The studies also prepare students for work in the special education domain.

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