Civil engineering/Ecological engineering in transport infrastructure

Університет: Люблінська Політехніка

Департамент : Факультет будівництва та архітектури

Область науки : Інженерно-технічні науки

Формат навчання: Денна форма навчання

Ступінь: Магістратура

Мова: Англійська

The Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture of the Lublin University of Technology invites you to study at the second degree specialisation – Ecological engineering in Transport Infrastructure.

A graduate's profile

Studies allow students to obtain extensive knowledge within a particular masters specialization. A graduate is prepared to solve complex engineering problems, develop and implement research projects, undertake activities at the international level, participate in the research of the disciplines directly and indirectly related to construction, can cooperate or take up employment in public or self-government administration institutions, related to civil engineering, where he will apply rules of the sustainable development. He/she is educated according to BIM principles and using 3D modelling.

The graduates acquire the knowledge allowing them to design and implement roads, bridges and other civil engineering structures according to BIM principles and using 3D modelling. They are aware of how roads and traffic influence the environment, are familiar with ecologically friendly planning, design of transport infrastructure and know how to conduct environmental impact assessment.

What you can do after graduation?

The graduates are ready to pursue a career in civil engineering design, environmental consultancy, road and bridge building industry as well as in roads administration and environmental authorities.

They are prepared to improve continuously qualifications and complement knowledge as well as to undertake the third-cycle studies (doctoral studies). After undergoing the appropriate internship, they have the possibility to obtain full license to design and implement in bridge and road construction which allows them to perform independent technical functions in construction industry.

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