Veterinary Medicine

Університет: Університет Природничих Наук у Любліні

Департамент : Факультет Ветеринарії

Область науки : nauki medyczne i nauki o zdrowiu

Формат навчання: Денна форма навчання

Ступінь: jednolite magisterskie

Мова: Англійська

Why study veterinary medicine at ULSL?
• A long tradition of excellence in research and teaching, highly qualified staff, modern facilities, equipment, and campus
• The history of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine dates back to 1944; since then, 6 000 veterinary surgeons have graduated.
• Diploma recognized within the European Union
• University has very good sports facilities. In modern sports and recreation centers, students can improve their skills at athletics, swimming, basketball, volleyball, combat sports, climbing. The nearby sailing station has all the water equipment necessary.
• Poland is a member of the WHO.
• Located in the heart of Europe – Lublin is well known for its great cultural and student opportunities.

Practical education
• 5.5 years (11 semesters) program of Veterinary Medicine
• At ULSL, we integrate hands-on clinical practice together with modern teaching methods
• Strengthening of the educational process is conducted through a system of practical professional training in private clinics, meat plants, milk plants, and sanitary-veterinary inspection units
• Students actively participate in the diagnosis and treatment of clinical cases
• University clinics have a total of 8 surgical theatres: for small animals, farm animals, ophthalmology, and dental.

• We offer 38 elective subjects out of which students have to choose 12 during the whole period of studies – enabling them to complete their studies in a chosen area of interest. The aim is to ensure the flexible configuration of the curriculum
• Subjects are divided into basic sciences, clinical sciences, professional knowledge, and others (e.g., foreign languages, first aid course)
• Curriculum starts with basic subjects such as anatomy, biochemistry, physiology. Later on, students are acquainted with the hygiene of food of animal origin, elements of husbandry, and nutrition. Clinical subjects are offered together with obligatory clinical practice
• Among facultative subjects, students can choose, exotics animals, oncology, ophthalmology.

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