Университет: Университет Общественно-Естественных Наук им. Винцента Поля в Люблине

Департамент : Факультет здравоохранения

Область науки: nauki medyczne i nauki o zdrowiu

Формат обучения: Дневная форма обучения

Степень: Бакалавриат

Язык: Английский

This Nursing programme is aimed at candidates who are prepared to provide direct health care services in hospitals, outpatient clinics, medical or penal institutions, residential homes and many others.

Degree: bachelor of science

About a course

The purpose of the programme is to educate and prepare the graduates to perform their work with a high level of professionalism and to apply their knowledge of general, basic and specialized subjects while working. Candidates will practice in well-equipped labs where they will learn about rehabilitation and nursing procedures, health promotion, preventive health care and health education.


The graduates have sufficient qualifications for working in hospitals, primary and secondary health care institutions (clinics), educational facilities (school, kindergartens, nurseries), nursing homes, sanatoriums, palliative and hospice care centers, residential homes and many others. They can also open up their private nursing practice and be self-employed in many medical services such as: nursing, counseling, prevention and medical education, and the provision of services in the patient’s home.

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