Hippology and Horse Riding

College: University of Life Science in Lublin

Department: Faculty of Animal Sciences and Bioeconomy

Area: agricultural sciences, Natural sciences

Type: Full-time studies

Degree: Master’s Programs

Language: Polish

• you will acquire knowledge, skills and competence in horse physiology as it relates to breeding, use and all forms of care to ensure welfare;
• a large number of specialized subjects (such as Equestrian, Horse Care, Natural Horsemanship), which are essentially practical, and will adequately prepare you for your future work;
• the University of Life Sciences in Lublin has a long-lasting tradition in specialized teaching of subjects concerning horse breeding and use. The teaching staff consists of experienced professionals.

The curriculum includes 32 obligatory courses, 12 elective courses, three humanity subjects, and a foreign language, which is taught over four semesters. During the first two semesters, the student will learn general biological and chemical principles and legal issues, which are a necessary foundation for typically specialized subjects.
In the beginning, the specialized subjects include the History of Horse Breeding and Use and Horse Physiology. The following specialized subjects are ordered in such a way that will enable a student to have an internship with a professional breeding practice after the first three semesters. The subjects include Equine Biology, Purebred Arabian or Thoroughbred Horse Breeding, as well as Horse Reproduction and Rearing.

The internship starts during foal breeding and mare mating. Other specialized subjects of the first semesters and the fourth one, such as Horse Training Bases, Horse Care, or Horse Geriatrics, will allow students to have their second internship, which will include a utilitarian and care profile. This internship will take place in the summer when the largest equestrian events in Poland take place, including: “European Eventing Championships for Young Riders”, “CAVALIADA TOUR”, “CSIO5*”, “Pride of Poland” – a Purebred Arabian horse auction.

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