Equine managemant and care

College: University of Life Science in Lublin

Department: Faculty of Animal Sciences and Bioeconomy

Area: agricultural sciences, Natural sciences

Type: Full-time studies

Degree: Bachelor programs

Language: English

Become a specialist in horse breeding and use!

Who can study?

Eqyine Management and Care is dedicated to both polish and foreign student.


  • You will acquire knowledge, skills and competence in horse physiology as it relates to breeding, use and all forms of care to ensure welfare
  • A large number of specialized subjects (such as Equestrian, Horse Care, Natural Horsemanship), which are essentially practical, and will adequately prepare you for your future work
  • The University of Life Sciences in Lublin has a long lasting tradition in specialized teaching of subjects concerning horse breeding and use. The teaching staff  consists of experienced professionals

Practical studies

One major advantage of the field of study offered is the university’s cooperation with the most beautiful and at the same time the oldest (founded in 1817) Stud in Janów Podlaski, where some of the students’ classes will be held. The Stud Farm is famous for Purebred Arabian horse breeding with a tradition in Poland which dates back more than 200 years. Since the nineteenth century, the horses of this breed have been mainly sold to various European and Arab countries and the USA.

A graduate's career

The graduate will be prepared to work in various branches of the equine industry at racing tracks, sport and leisure riding centres, equine associations and other equestrian organizations, horse breeding centres, including studs  and stallion centres, horse breeding associations, farms, forests, horse transport companies, hospitals for horses and foundations dealing with horses in the last stages of their lives.

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