Consultancy in Rural Areas

College: University of Life Science in Lublin

Department: Faculty of Animal Sciences and Bioeconomy

Area: Natural sciences

Type: Full-time studies

Degree: Master’s Programs

Language: Polish

In the curriculum the education process aimed at a application knowledge, useful in the profession of advisors and as example might be the following selected subjects:
• Good agricultural practice
• Fundamentals of economic activities
• Accounting for agriculture
• Negotiation and communication
• The advisors principles and techniques

Obtained during the study methodical, communication and organizational competence allow graduates pass the state exams and get full advisory powers.

Sample of jobs: in public or private agricultural advisory centers, agri-food processing enterprises, feed companies and in companies dealing with the protection of plants, breeders’ associations and agricultural producers.

During the study students will be able to:
• participate in field work and practical exercises
• traineeships at home and abroad
• independently conduct studies during the preparation of master’s theses
• obtain support of the Student Career Office
• develop their interest in scientific circles
• improve their knowledge of a foreign language

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