Business Analytics

Университет: Университет Марии Кюри-Склодовской в Люблине

Департамент : Eкономический Факультет

Область науки: nauki społeczne

Формат обучения: Дневная форма обучения

Степень: Бакалавриат

Язык: Английский

The studies in Business Analytics at the Faculty of Economics UMCS are interdisciplinary. The course aims to provide students with comprehensive knowledge of business (e.g., Economics, Management, Marketing, Law, Finance, Accounting, e-business, Project Management), quantitative subjects (e.g., Calculus, Business Statistics, Econometrics) as well as analytical methods and tools (e.g., Data Mining, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Geographical Information Systems, Advanced Spreadsheets, Python Programming, Data Visualization, DataBase). During their studies, students will develop skills needed in an analyst’s work (e.g., Analytical Project, Soft Skills and Communication Training, Business Simulation). The course is practical, i.e., to a large extent, it is based on the experience of business practitioners and problem-solving related to business practice. The course program covers a six-month work placement that allows students to gain practical professional experience during their studies. Students will be introduced, among others, to business simulations reflecting the dynamics of economic processes that will help them make decisions and observe results. The course’s program draws on extensive use of online databases available for students of the Faculty of Economics of UMCS.

A graduate of Business Analytics may find employment in a variety of industries and business entities (e.g., enterprises, banks, insurance companies, research centers, marketing agencies, and consulting firms) in the following positions: Business Analyst, Database Analyst, Financial Analyst, Business Operations Analyst, Market Research Analyst. The program is dedicated mainly to foreigners.

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