Mobile application development

Университет: Люблинская Политехника

Департамент : Факультет Электротехники и Информатики

Область науки: Инженерно-технические науки

Формат обучения: Дневная форма обучения

Степень: Магистратура

Язык: Английский

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of the Lublin University of Technology invites you to study at the new second degree specialisation – Mobile Application Development.

Who can study?

Graduates of Computer Science who wish to study in English and plan their future career in IT firms, especially in software development departments. This specialisation lasts for 3 semesters, 30 ECTS each, and complies with the European standards.

Under Polish law an MSc student can be a person with a first level university degree in Computer Science or similar, and meeting the additional conditions set out in

A graduate's profile

This specialisation educates highly-qualified specialists, familiar with current standards and technologies used in mobile application development, who:

  • possess the broad knowledge and skills necessary to create software for such mobile platforms as: Android, Microsoft Windows and iOS;
  • are able to be a member of developer teams;
  • are able to manage IT projects;
  • are able to design IT systems with mobile solutions;
  • understand application projects created in UML;
  • have skills to gather data from various sensors, process and use them;
  • can design and create databases for mobile devices;
  • know how to use GIS and GPS in IT solutions.

What you can do after graduation?

The graduates enter the European market and find jobs in the IT branch as programmers, testers, analysts, project managers and many other positions related to software development.

Enrolling on an international course of studies in Poland is a unique chance to share cultural, social and educational experiences of students from all over the world.

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